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Jomalia Shipping Routes Schedules, Fares, Offices and Contact Numbers

For those who want to visit Camotes, you can now sail faster and conveniently via Jomalia Shipping’s Fast Craft new route: Mactan, Cebu to Camotes Island, and vice versa.

This route is favorable for locals and tourists who arrived at Mactan International Airport, you can just ride an airport multicab (yellow multicab) or a taxi in going to the port beside Cebu Yacht Club.

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You can now bypass the heavy traffic from Lapu-Lapu to Mandaue City to Danao City if you cruise via Jomalias’s Fast Craft new route to Camotes Island.

For those planning to take their car/motorcycle to Camotes Island via Consuelo Port, you can go Danao City Port. You have to process documents for your car and motorcycle for you to get your vehicle onboard the Jomalia Shipping Line RoRo vessel.

Rolling cargoes must be on the port 1 hour prior to the departure schedule.

Jomalia Shipping Lines has other routes like Jagupatay, Tudela, Camotes to Ormoc, Leyte via Pilar, Camotes, and vice versa.

Jomalia Shipping Lines Fast Craft Terminal

The terminal for Camotes Fast Craft is stationed across Marina Mall just beside Cebu Yacht Club in Lapu-Lapu City. The entrance is the road beside Island Central Mall.

Consuelo Port is the landing pier of the Fast Craft in Camotes Island.

Jomalia Fast Craft and RoRo Schedule

Mactan to Consuelo, Camotes/ Consuelo, Camotes to Mactan

The Jomalia Fast Craft sails three times daily from Mactan to Camotes Island.

  • 9AM/ 1:00 PM and 5: 00 PM

For the Consuelo, Camotes to Mactan trip, Jomalia sails on the following schedules

  • 7 AM Saturdays and Sundays
  • 11 AM Daily
  • 3:00 PM Daily

Danao to Consuelo, Camotes, and Vice Versa

Jomalia RoRo Vessels sail away from Danao Port four times daily and the Express vessel cruises twice daily.

  • 5:30 AM(RoRo)
  • 7:00 AM(Express)
  • 8:30 AM (RoRo)
  • 12:00NN(Express)
  • 2:30 PM(RoRo)
  • 5:30 PM(RoRo)
  • 9:00 PM (Express) every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

For the return trip, Consuelo, Camotes to Danao  Jomalia ships departs Camotes on these schedules:

  • 4:30 AM Saturday/ Sunday and Monday (Express)
  • 5:30 AM Daily (RoRo)
  • 8:30 AM Daily (RoRo)
  • 10:00 AM Daily (Express)
  • 1:00 PM Daily (RoRo)
  • 3:00 PM Daily (Express)
  • 5:30 PM Daily (RoRo)

Jagupatay, Tudela, Camotes to Ormoc, Leyte via Pilar, Camotes and Vice Versa

  • Jagupatay, Tudela, Camotes to Ormoc via- 5:30 AM/Daily
  • Pilar, Camotes to Ormoc, Leyte-7:30 AM/Daily
  • Ormoc, Leyte to Pilar, Camotes via Pilar-3:00 PM/Daily
  • Pilar, Camotes to Jagupatay, Tudela, Camotes-5:00 PM Daily

Jomalia Fares Fast Craft and RORO

Mactan to Camotes and Vice Versa (FastCraft) Promo Rate

  • P350/person on weekdays
  • P400/person on weekends

    Valid only from October 3 to 30, 2017

Danao to Consuelo, Camotes/Consuelo, Camotes to Danao Fares

Sitting Economy Accommodation:

  • Regular Fare-Php180.00
  • Minor(3-10 y.o)-Php90.00
  • Senior Citizen-Php145.00
  • Student-Php 150.00

Sitting Aircon Accommodation:

  • Regular Fare-Php200.00
  • Minor (3-10y.o) Php100..00
  • Senior Citizen-Php160.00
  • Student-Php170.00

Pilar, Camotes to Ormoc and Vice Versa Boat Ticket Rates

Sitting Economy Accommodation:

  • Regular Fare-Php150.00
  • Minor(3-10 y.o)-Php75.00
  • Senior Citizen-Php120.00
  • Student-Php130.00

Sitting Aircon Accommodation:

  • Regular Fare-Php170.00
  • Minor (3-10 y.o)-Php85.00
  • Senior Citizen-Php135.00
  • Student-Php145.00

Jagupatay, Tudela, Camotes to Pilar, Camotes and Vice Versa

Sitting Economy Accommodation

  • Regular Fare-Php150.00
  • Minor(3-10y.o)-Php75.00
  • Senior Citizen-Php120.00
  • Student-Php130.00

Sitting Aircon Accommodation

  • Regular Fare-Php170.00
  • Minor(3-10 y.o)Php85.00
  • Senior Citizen-Php135.00
  • Student-Php145.00

Jagupatay, Tudela, Camotes to Ormoc, Leyte via Pilar, Camotes and Vice Versa

Sitting Economy Accommodation

  • Regular Fare-Php200.00
  • Minor(3-10y.o)-Php100.00
  • Senior Citizen-Php160.00
  • Student-Php170.00

Sitting Aircon Accommodation

  • Regular Fare-Php200
  • Minor(3-10y.o)-Php110.00
  • Senior Citizen-Php175.00
  • Student-Php185.00

Schedules and Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Jomalia Shipping Lines Ticketing Offices and Contact Numbers

Jomalia Mandaue City Office

S.O Albano St. Subangdaku, Mandaue City

Contact No: (032) 346-0421 (look for Lovely)

Danao Ticketing Office

Danao Port, Poblacion Danao City, Cebu

Contact No: +639261346930(Globe)/+639284066617(Smart)

Consuelo Ticketing Office

Jomalia Private Port, Consuelo, San Francisco, Camotes

Contact No: (032)318-1549/+6391763159451(Globe)/+639396021738(Smart)

Mactan Ticketing Office

Island Central Mall Mactan

Contact No: +639491630892 (Smart)/ +6391763159451 (Globe)

For hassle-free and less travel time in going to Camotes Island, sail now with Jomalia Shipping Fast Craft cruising from Mactan Island to Camotes and Vice Versa.

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  1. dear sir
    i wish to know if i can go to mactan to camotes with ferry
    and how much it cost?and the deperture time
    and the location please
    thanks a lot

  2. Trevor Mowat says

    Good afternoon. Im enquire about buying tickets to Conseulo on Mactan Island? Can i buy tickets earlier in the morning before I get the ferry in the afternoon?

  3. +6391763159451 (Globe) cannot be reached..sobra ng isang number

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