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Balt-Bep Shipping Express Trip Schedules & Rate: Estancia, Iloilo to Bantayan Island, Cebu

Have plans visiting Iloilo? Here’s the Balt-Bep Shipping Express Trip Schedule and Ticket Rates from Estacia, Iloilo to Bantayan Island, Cebu.

2Go Travel June 2020 Boat Trip Schedules/Fare: Manila to/from Visayas and Palawan

Travelling this June 2020? Here are the 2Go Travel boat sailing schedules and rates for the month of June 2020, specifically for the following routes and destinations:

2020 SuperCat Fastcraft Schedules & Ticket Rates

SuperCat is under the leadership of Chelsea and Infrastracture Holdings Corp. It provides a fast and convenient sea travel to the Filipino riding public.

2020 FastCat Passenger Ticket Rates

We are sharing here the FastCat Passenger Ticket Rates for your travel reference.

2020 FastCat Boat Trip Schedules and Travel Time

FastCat is one of the trusted marine transport that conveniently connects the Philippine Islands via  their safe and fast ferries. It is the first and only catamaran Roll-On/Roll-Off (RoRo) ferries that served the Eastern and Western route of the Philippine sea.