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Weesam Express New Trip Schedule: Cebu to and from Maasin and Tubigon

Sojourners! Here’s the new trip schedule for  Weesam Express effective November 16, 2018, for the following routes: Cebu to Tubigon and Vice Versa Cebu to and from Maasin

2Go Travel Promo Fare: Dumaguete to Manila and Vice Versa November 2018

Sojourners! Have plans traveling to the City of Gentle People? 2Go Travel is giving out low fares for the route Dumaguete to and from Manila this November 2018.

Clemer Shipping Lines Boat Trip Schedules and Fares: Cebu, Cordova, Ibo to Getafe and Vice Versa

Going to Getafe Bohol? We are sharing here the Clemer Shipping Lines boat departure schedules and fares  specifically for the following routes: Cebu to Getafe and Vice Versa Cordova to/from Getafe Ibo, Lapu-Lapu to Getafe/Getafe to Ibo, Lapu-Lapu

Sea Cat Trip Schedules, Fares, and Contact Numbers: Cebu to Calbayog and Vice Versa

Want to travel to and from Calbayog in a grander, faster, and safer way? Try riding with Sea Cat by Grand Ferries. MV Sea Cat is a 300-seater air conditioned fast craft by Grand Ferries that cruises from Calbayog to Cebu and Vice Versa.

Joy Bus Trip Schedules, Fares and Contact Numbers

Want to experience comfort in traveling to your destinations? Try Joy Bus to one of your trips. Joy Bus is a  28-seater unit air-conditioned non-stop transport of Genesis Bus Transportation Services, Inc. that has comfort room, Television, and complimentary snacks on board.