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2Go Travel Passenger Guide on Excess Baggage and Tariff Rates

Every passenger of 2Go Superferry is entitled to 50 Kilos Free personal baggage allowance starting October 16, 2019.

Here’s the 2Go Travel guidelines on Excess Baggage and Tariff Rates to avoid confusion to its traveling passengers and to make sure that passengers are not bringing things that may harm to other passengers.

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You may also ask the clerk upon buying the ticket what are the things that you can include on the Free Baggage allowance or may call 2Go hotline at (02) 8528 7000.


Passenger Excess Baggage

  • Baggage in excess of 50 kilos personal FREE hand-carried baggage allowance.
  • Passenger baggage with dimensions of more than 20 inches in height and 30 inches in width (it poses an obstruction to passageways and will no longer fit into passenger’s accommodation).
  • Sports Equipment
    • Bicycle (adult size)
    • Gym Equipment
    • Surfboard/Surfing and Scuba diving equipment
    • Others
  • Passenger baggage in commercial quantity, in bulk packaging and construction materials more than the requirement for personal use.
  • Electronic Appliances such as:
    • Regular TV Sets-21 inch and above above and flat screen TV sets-32 inch and above
    • In excess of One (1) Computer Set (CPU, Monitor & Keyboard)
    • Home Theatre/Speaker System limited to 1 balikbayan box in size.
    • Air conditioning unit above 1 HP
    • Personal Refrigerators (3.2 Cu ft. & below)
    • Others

2Go  Passenger Excess Baggage Tariff Rates

GENERAL CARGO ITEMS                Visayas          Mindanao              Interport

(To/From Manila)

Goods of Commercial Quantity   Php10/kilo      Php15/kilo            Php8/kilo

Electronic Appliances                    Php250/pc.     Php 300/pc.          Php 100/pc.

Sports Equipment                          Php 200/pc      Php 250/pc           Php 100/pc.

FIREARMS DEPOSIT                                          RATE

Short Firearm                        Php150.00 per piece with 3 magazines (Free)

  • Excess Magazine          Php50.00 per magazine

Long Firearm                         Php250.00 per piece with 3 magazines (Free)

  • Excess Magazine          Php100.00 per long magazine

Note:  PNP/ AFP/ NAVY / MARINES personnel are entitled to the 20 % discount upon presentation of Mission Order.


Cut Flowers & Plant Seedling/Potted Plants                                                  Php75/pc.

(beyond 1 ft. in height & not exceeding in 4 ft)

Pets Cage Size (one pet/animal allowed per cage                                               

Small                  (L-20”xW-13”xH-16”)        Php300.00

Medium            (L-24”xW-17”xH-19”)         Php450.00

Large                  (L-30”xW-18”xH-20”)        Php600.00

X-Large              (L-36”xW-22”xH-30”)         Php900.00

XX-Large            (L-42”xW-27”xH-30”)        Php1, 200.00

XXX-Large          (L-48”xW-29”xH-32”)        Php1, 500.00

Box Cage

              Fighting Cock                                                              Php150/head

Chicken (non-game cock)                                       Php50/head

Chicks                                                                          Php25/head

Terms and Conditions

  • Plants must  have a shipping permit from the Bureau of plant Industry.
  • 2Go Travel is not liable for any loss and deterioration of these items while on board
  • Livestock is not allowed on-board except fighting cock/chicken and with corresponding quarantine certificate.
  • Pets and other animals (except for endangered species) are allowed on board, provided they are properly caged and with quarantine certificate.
  • Below are the requirements for bringing cats:
    • Properly caged
    • With a quarantine certificate from the Bureau of Animal Industry
    • The Veterinary Health Certificate (VHC) shall be valid for three (3) calendar days upon its date of issuance.
    • Shipping Permit from Bureau of Animal Industry shall be valid seven (7) calendar days upon its date of issuance. (VHC is a pre-requisite in issuance of shipping permit)
    • Vaccinated against rabies not more than 1 year, but not less than 14 days at the time of departure/shipment with a Rabies Vaccination Certificate/Record signed by a licensed Veterinarian.
    • The Bill of Lading depends on the actual size of the cage. (Must be secured and settled at the pier).
    • Pets are not allowed in any of 2Go accommodation. They would be placed in a separate area in the vessel. Owners can visit and feed their pets.

An available quarantine desk on Pier 4 Manila Monday to Friday from 9 AM-4PM.

For clarifications, please call 2Go hotline at (02) 8528 7000 or you may visit any 2Go Travel ticketing outlet.

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