Here is the 2Go Travel Passenger Guide on Excess Baggage and Tariff Rates.

2Go Travel Passenger Guide on Excess Baggage and Tariff Rates

2Go Travel Passengers are entitled to hand carry the baggage of 50 KG with dimensions of not more than 20 inches in height and 30 inches in width.

And it must fit into the passenger’s accommodation area.

Excess Baggage Tariff Rates

To/From Manila Visayas  Mindanao Interport
Excess Baggage Php20/kilo Php20/kilo Php20/kilo
Goods of Commercial Quantity Php20/kilo Php20/kilo Php20/kilo
Electronic Appliances Php250/piece Php300/piece Php100/piece
Sports Equipment Php200/piece Php250/piece Php100/piece

Firearms Handling Fee

To/From Manila




Short/Long Firearm Php500/piece Php500/piece Php500/piece

* Rate Inclusive of 3 extra magazines

Excess Magazine Php100/piece Php100/piece Php100/piece

*Applicable short and long firearms

Plants & Cut Flowers Handling Fee

To/From Manila




Cut Flowers & Plant Seedling & Potted Plants Php75/piece Php75/piece Php75/piece

*Beyond 1 Ft. in diameter and not exceeding 4 ft. in height

Live Animals Handling Fee

CAGE SIZE LxWxH Rate per Cage up to 2 Pets or Cages/Passenger Rate per Cage up to 3 Pets or Cages/Passenger Box Cage
Small 20″ x 13″ x 16″ Php900.00 Php2,000.00
Medium 24″ x 17″ x 19″ Php1,350.00 Php2,450.00 Fighting Cock: Php250/head
Large 30″ x 17″ x 20″ Php1,800.00 Php2,900.00
X-Large 36″ x 22″ x 25″ Php2,700.00 Php3,800.00 Chicken(non-gamecock) : Php50.00/head
XX-Large 42″ x 27″ x30″ Php3,600.00 Php4,700.00
XXX-Large 48″ x 29″ x32″ Php4,500.00 Php5,600.00 Day old chicks: Php25/head

Important Reminders for Animals Handling Fee

  • The above Rates only apply to accompanied pets and are inclusive of VAT.
  • Only One (1) Pet in every Cage
  • Separate Rates for 2 pets and below, and 3 or more pets.
  • If Passenger has 3 or more pets, he may avail of the lower rates for the 2 cages, and the higher rate will apply to the next pets.
  • Rates apply per individual passenger of 2Go Travel.

Safety Reminders for Pets

  • Unaccompanied Pets must be booked at least 24 hours before the travel date.
  • All pets must be at the terminal at least six hours before vessel departure for checking and inspections.
  • Pet Shippers and Owners must comply with all regional and local pet transport requirements.
  • Make sure to provide food, water, and feeding instructions.

Sample of 2Go Acceptable Design and Size of Pet Carrier


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