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Weesam Express is a Zamboanga-based ferry line company which serves Visayas and Mindanao areas. It is operated by SRN Fast SeaCrafts Inc.

One of the country’s top-notch marine transportation that bring passengers to their desired destination, Weesam ferries are the fastest ferry boats in their category.

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Currently, these are the Weesam ferries port of call: Cebu, Ormoc, Maasin, Tagbilaran, Iloilo,Bacolod, Zamboanga, Isabela, Jolo.


Schedules presented here were taken at Weesam Express website:

Weesam Express Office Contact Information

Cebu (Branch) Weesam Office

Weesam Ticket Office

BF Building, Pier 4, NRA, Cebu City

Telephone Numbers: (032) 231 7737/ (032) 231 7317

Fax Number: (032) 412 9562

Ormoc (Branch)Weesam Office

Weesam Ticket Office

Port of Ormoc, Ormoc City

Telephone Number: (032) 561 0080

Tagbilaran (Branch) Weesam Office

Weesam Ticket Office

Starlite Terminal Port, Port of Tagbilaran City

Telephone Number: (032) 501 8223

Isabela (Branch) Weesam Office

Weesam Ticket Office

Isabela PPA, Terminal Pier Isabela

Mobile Number: +63 935 618 1005

Zamboanga (Branch)Weesam Office

Weesam Ticket Office

Zamboanga PPA Terminal, Pier Zamboanga City

Telephone Number: (062) 992 3986

Maasin Weesam (Branch) Office

Weesam Ticket Office

PPA Terminal, Pier Maasin City

Telephone Number: (053) 570 8917

Weesam Express Routes and Daily Trip Schedules

Cebu to Ormoc Boat Daily Schedule

Boat depart Cebu at 1:00PM

Ormoc to Cebu Ferry Daily Sailing Schedule

Fast Craft leaves Ormoc at 4:30PM

Cebu to Maasin Ship Daily Departure Schedule

Ship sails from Cebu at 6:00AM

Weesam FastCraft Maasin to Cebu Daily Schedule

Ship sails from Maasin at 9:30AM

Boat Ship Schedule Cebu to Tagbilaran Route

Ship sails from Cebu daily at 8:00AM/12:40PM and 6:30PM

Daily Boat Departure Schedule Tagbilaran to Cebu Route

Ship departs Tagbilaran at 5:45AM/10:20AM and 4:00PM

Iloilo to Bacolod Daily Boat Sailing Schedule

Ship sails from Bacolod at 6:30AM/8:10AM/9:50AM/11:30AM/1:10PM/2:50PM/4:45PM

Daily Ship Departure Schedule Bacolod to Iloilo Route

Boat depart Bacolod at 6:30AM/ 8:10AM/ 9:50AM/ 11:30AM/1:10PM/2:50PM and 4:45PM

Isabela to Zamboanga Boat Sailing Schedule

Ship sails from Isabela at 8:15AM/ 10:45AM/ 2:00PM and 4:45PM

Daily Boat Sailing Schedule Zamboanga to Isabela Route

Boat leaves Zamboanga at 6:45AM/ 9:30AM/ 12:45 PM and 3:30PM

Zamboanga to Jolo Daily Boat Departure Schedule

Boat depart Zamboanga at 8:30AM

Jolo to Zamboanga Daily Ship Sailing Schedule

Ship sails from Jolo at 1:00PM

Note: Schedules may change without prior notice

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