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Trans-Asia Shipping Schedule, Routes, Regular and Promo Fare 2017

Travelling? Trans-Asia Shipping Lines is one of the leading shipping company that traverses  in several  destinations in the Visayas and Mindanao.

The company is said to provide amazing memories during your travel because of their friendly and attentive staffs with enough living space to roam around.

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Considered that among the country’s best sea transport, Trans-Asia boats destinations in the Visayas and Mindanao are: Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Ozamiz, Iloilo, Tagbilaran, Zamboanga, Iligan, Tacloban, and Masbate. 

Trans-Asia Regular Ship Schedules Passengers and Cargo Vessels

Cebu to Cagayan de Oro Trans-Asia Ship departure Schedule

Every Monday to Sunday ship leaves in Cebu at 8:00PM

Trans-Asia Shipping Cagayan to Cebu Ship schedule

Ship departs Cagayan de Oro from Monday to Sunday at 8:00PM

Trans-Asia Ship Departure Cebu to Ozamiz

Every Monday/Wednesday & Friday at 8:00PM

Ozamiz to Cebu Boat Sailing Schedule

Every Tuesday/Thursday and Sunday ship leaves in Ozamiz at 8:00PM

Trans-Asia Cebu to Iloilo Boat Departure Schedule

The ship sails in Cebu every Monday/Wednesday & Friday at 6:00PM

Trans-Asia Iloilo to Cebu Boat Sailing Schedule

Every Tuesday/Thursday and Saturday at 6:00PM

Trip Schedule Cagayan de Oro to Tagbilaran Route

Every Tuesday/Thursday and Saturday Ship sails Cagayan de Oro at 7:00PM

Tagbilaran to Cagayan de Oro Ship Sailing Schedule

Every Monday/Wednesday & Friday boat leaves Tagbilaran at 7:00PM

Trans-Asia ShipTrip Schedule Cebu to Tagbilaran

Every Monday ship departs Cebu at 12:00 NN

Tagbilaran to Cebu Ship Departure Schedule

Ship Sails in Tagbilaran every Sunday at 10:00PM

Cebu to Iligan Trans-Asia Shipping Schedule

Every Wednesday ship sails in Cebu at 7:00PM

Trans-Asia Shipping Schedule Iligan to Cebu

Every Thursday boat leaves Iligan at 7:00PM

Trans-Asia Cargo Vessels Schedules

Iligan to Ozamis Trans-Asia Cargo Vessel Departure

Every Monday at 6:00 PM

Trans-Asia Cargo Vessel Zamboanga to Cebu Route

Every Tuesday at 6:00PM

Cebu to Zamboanga  Cargo Ship Schedule

Every Sunday at 12:00 NN

Cargo Vessel Schedule Cebu to Masbate Route

 Every Wednesday at 6:00PM

Masbate to Cebu Route Departure Schedule

Every Friday at 4:00 PM

Cebu to Tacloban Route Boat Sailing Sachedule

Every Thursday at 6:00 PM

Cargo Vessel Departure Schedule Cebu to Iligan Route

Every Saturday at 7:00PM

Ozamiz to Cebu Route Cargo Shipping Schedule

Every Monday at 11:00PM

Boat Sailing Schedule Cebu to Manila Route

Every Tuesday departs Cebu at 9:00PM

Manila to Cebu Cargo Boat Departure Schedule

Every Friday at 11:00PM

Cargo Vessel Tacloban to Cebu Route Sailing Schedule

Every Saturday at 5:00AM

Trans-Asia Passengers’ Regular Boat Fares

Cebu/Cagayan/Cebu (Regular Adult) Fares

2nd Class Non-Aircon-Php970.00

2nd Class Aircon-Php1, 000.00

Tourist Deluxe-Php1, 095.00

Cabin-Php1, 395.00

Private Room-Php3, 500(room rate)

Cebu/Ozamiz/Cebu (Regular Adult) Fares

2nd Class Non-Aircon-Php910.00

2nd Class Aircon-Php940.00

Tourist-Php1, 085.00

Tourist Deluxe-Php1, 160.00

Cabin-Php1, 390.00

Private Room-Php3, 180.00 (room rate)

Cebu/Iloilo/Cebu (Regular Adult) Fares

2nd Class Non-Aircon-Php800.00


Cabin-Php1, 015.00

Private Room-Php2, 420.00(room rate)

Tagbilaran/Cagayan/Tagbilaran (Regular Adult) Fares

2nd Class Non-Aircon-Php660.00

2nd Class Aircon-690.00


Tourist Deluxe-Php870.00


Private Room-Php1, 090.00(room rate)

Cebu/Iligan/Cebu (Regular Adult) Fares

2nd Class Non-Aircon-Php910.00

2nd Class Aircon-Php940.00

Tourist-Php1, 090.00

Tourist Deluxe-Php1, 220.00

Cabin-Php1, 390.00

Private Room-Php3, 320.00(room rate)

Cebu/Tagbilaran/Cebu (Regular Adult) Fares

2nd Class Non-Aircon-Php195.00



Private Room-Php475.00 (room rate)

Cebu/Masbate/Cebu (Regular Adult) Fares

2nd Class Non-Aircon-Php750.00

2nd Class Aircon-Php780.00


Tourist Deluxe-Php1, 130.00

Cabin-Php1, 505.00

Private Room-Php1, 830.00 (room rate)

 Trans-Asia Ship Promo Fares (Regular Adult)

Cebu to Cagayan Promo Fares

Every Monday/Wednesday and Friday)

2nd Class Non-Aircon-Php880.00

2nd Class Aircon-Php910.00


Cagayan to Cebu Promo Fares

Every Tuesday/Thursday & Saturday

2nd Class Non-Aircon-Php880.00

2nd Class Aircon-Php910.00


Cebu/Iloilo/Cebu Promo Fares

2nd Class Non-Aircon-Php800.00

2nd Class Aircon-Php830.00


Tourist Deluxe-Php950.00

Cabin-Php1, 015.00

Private Room-Php2, 420.00(per head)

Cebu to Tagbilaran Promo Fares

Every Monday

2nd Class Non-Aircon-Php140.00

2nd Class Aircon-Php170.00


Tourist Deluxe-Php320.00

Private Room-Php475.00 (per head)

Tagbilaran to Cebu  Promo Tickets

Every Sunday

2nd Class Non-Aircon-Php195.00

2nd Class Aircon-Php225.00


Tourist Deluxe-Php320.00

Private Room-Php475 (per head)

Note: Schedules May Change without prior notice.

Starsy Card is a Tran-Asia membership privilege card that let you enjoy 20% discounts in all accommodations. To avail the discount, you have to submit the duly signed Starsy form with 1×1 picture and pay the Php600.00 membership fee. Card renewal is only Php500.00

Passengers can also get a Free Starsy Privilege Card by simply submitting 6 one-way tickets or 3 use 3 one-way tickets for 50% off of the Starsy Card.

 You can email [email protected] for more information.

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  1. Good morning.. Ask lang poh… Masbate-cebu wat time mo mag cebu..thank you poh

    • boatpromos says

      Hello!The expected time is 4pm. For more information, please contact Trans-Asia Masbate Office:
      TRANS-ASIA MASBATE MAIN OFFICE Pier Site, Brgy. Bapor, Masbate City-(036) 333-2451
      TRESUNO Airport Road, Masbate City-(056) 582-0419

      Thank you.

  2. Just inquiring from a traveller: “Why doesn’t shipping companies like trans Asia or cockaliong offer passenger ship trips to Tacloban?

  3. Margel Jade Sante says

    Hello…ang fare sa motor tagbilaran to cagayan de oro, apil na ani ang driver?? THANK YOU

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