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Trans-Asia Shipping Lines Inc. Online Booking Guide


Booking your passenger’s ticket is now more convenient with the Trans-Asia Online Booking.

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And Online PDF ticket receipt is now accepted for terminal check-in!

Here’s the step by step guide on how to book online with Trans-Asia.


Trans-Asia Shipping Lines Online Booking Guide

Step I Booking Guide

  • Simply log on to and “click here for Online Booking”


Step 2 Online Booking Guide

  • Make sure to read the important Reminders before you start booking your tickets

Step 3 Online Booking Guide

  • Fill in the following passenger details:
  1. Choose one-way or round trip ticket
  2. Pick your port of origin and destination
  3. Select your travel dates
  4. Provide the number and types of passenger


Step 4 Online Booking Guide

  • Choose your desired accommodation. Make sure to read important accommodation reminders.


Step 5 Online Booking Guide

  • After choosing your desired accommodation, you’ll be directed to the passenger detail page. Enter the following passenger details:
  1. Complete name
  2. Age
  3. Gender
  4. Mobile Number
  • Click next page


Step 6 Online Booking Guide

  • Choose the applicable discount on the discount dropdown. Student passengers must choose ”Student” on the menu and check the student tick box.
  • If you want to avail of the insurance, please tick the “insurance box”.
  • Make sure to provide the valid ID number before proceeding to the next page.


Step 7 Online Booking Guide

  • A summary of your bookings like the travel details, passenger information, and the total fare will be shown.


Step 8 Online Booking Guide

  • Make sure to provide all the needed contact information below.


Step 9 Online Booking Guide

  • Read the ticket terms and conditions. Tick the I have read and accepted the terms and conditions box to signify conformity.


Step 10 Online Booking Guide

  • Pay your ticket thru major credit card/selected debit cards


Step 11 Online Booking Guide

  • You will receive a confirmation that your payment is successful

Step 12 Online Booking Guide

  • Check your email and make sure to print the PDF Itinerary Receipt

Important Reminders for Credit Cards and Debit Card Transactions

Ticket Refund Guidelines

These are the charges that will be imposed if you will have your tickets refunded.

  • Refund surcharge
  • 25 % Bank charges for credit and debit card transactions to be applied to the fare amount that appears on the ticket.
  • Ten pesos (Php10.00) for a service fee

Important Reminders

  • Present the printed copy of the PDF ticket and valid ID upon check-in. No need to exchange the PDF ticket to actual Passage Official Receipt Ticket.
  • Persons with Disabilities (PWD) who are totally blind, cannot walk alone, or those with mental issues needing supervision are required to have a companion.
  • The tickets of the companion and PWD must be purchased at the same time.
  • Sailing dates not available online can be booked at Trans-Asia Main Offices and ticketing outlets.

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