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Traveling with Trans-Asia?

All Trans-Asia passengers are entitled to free baggage allowance according to its accommodation. Please see details below:

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  • A 50 Kilos Free personal baggage allowance for 2nd class non-aircon/aircon and tourist passengers.
  • A 100 Kilos Free personal baggage allowance for Cabin and Private Room passengers.
  • Minor passengers have free personal baggage allowances which are half of the adult passenger baggage allowance.
  • Infants have no free baggage allowance

For baggage exceeding the free allowance and those classified as commercial goods will be charged as cargo and will be charged accordingly.


List of Commercial Goods and or Items with Charges

Dog in Cage

  • Puppy in leash or cage-Php150.00 per puppy
  • Medium size in cage-Php250 per cage (maximum of 2 heads)
  • Full Grown or adult dog in cagePhp300.00 per cage (maximum of 2 heads)

Fighting Cocks

  • In excess of 2 headsPhp150.00 per head
  • Excess 4 heads or more will be charged according to carton measurement

Small Goat/CatPhp150.00 per head

RabbitPhp100.00 per head

Doves/Guinea pig/Hamster (by 2’s)-Php100.00

Lovebirds (by 4’s)-Php100.00



  • Per seedling-Php50.00
  • Per bundle-Php50.00
  • Per Pot, small-Php50.00
  • Per Pot, large-Php100.00
  • Per carton-Php75.00
  • Commercial quantity (5 or more)-Bill lading

Day Old Chicks (in excess of 1 tray)-Php150 per carton

  • An Excess of 4 trays or more will be charged at 0.61 cbm per tray

Balikbayan boxPhp50.00 per piece

Cigarette boxPhp50.00

50 kilo SackPhp50.00

Tool Box, small to regular sizePhp50.00

Tool Box, bigPhp100.00

Sako bag (small/medium)around 50KPhp50.00

Sako bag, largePhp200.00

Golf bagPhp100 per set (Maximum of 2 per passengers in excess of allowance, otherwise for BL

Appliances such as (used or new) only 1 piece allowed

  • Refrigerator(small,personal)Php200.00
  • Sewing Machine-Php200.00
  • Small Machineries(ex.Grinder)Php150.00
  • TV(about 21inch)Php150.00
  • Monitor or CPU Printer-Php100.00 per piece, only 1 set allowed
  • Gas range-table top;single-Php50.00
  • 2 burner stove-table top-Php75.00
  • Washing machine-Php200.00
  • Microwave-Php50.00
  • Electric Fan-small to medium-Php50.00
  • Sofa bed-child, foldable-Php50. 00
  • Stackable chairs-2 pieces-Php50. 00 per 2 piece set; maximum 4pieces at Php100.00

Bicycle or kiddie car-dismantled (Limit to 1 per person)-Php100.00 per piece

Tire (new, recap, used)

  • Small (motorcycle), maximum of 2-Php25.00 per piece
  • Medium (car), maximum of 2-Php50.00 per piece
  • Large (SUV), maximum of 1-Php100.00 per piece

Slippers/ Sandals in Sack (Limit of 1 per person)-Php150.00 per sack

Religious Image/Icon-child/half adult sizePhp100.00

  • Lifesize/Adult SizePhp200.00

Cabinets/ Orocan 4 drawers, Tables, Sofa Bed (adult size) –will be charged accordingly as determined by the purser.

Trans-Asia Shipping Lines, Inc. 2019 Boat Trip Schedules and Fares

For more information, please contact Trans-Asia Shipping Lines with the following numbers:

Main Office, Cebu City: +63 (32) 254-6491 loc. 236, 239 & 244

Cagayan Office: +63 (88) 323-1631 or 856-8691 loc. 201 & 203

Iloilo Office: +63 (33) 509-9909

Ozamiz Office: +63 (88) 521-2916 or 564-2408

Iligan Office: +63 (63) 301-0803

Tagbilaran Office: +63 (38) 501-0189

Masbate City: +63 (56) 333-2451

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