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Montenegro Shipping Lines, Inc. Daily Trip Schedule: Batangas to Calapan and Vice Versa 2021

  Have plans to go to Boracay this 2021? Here’s the Montenegro Lines daily trip schedule from Batangas to Calapan and Vice Versa.

2Go Travel December 2020 Schedules & Ticket Rate: Batangas to/from Caticlan

Traveling to and from Batangas? Here are the 2Go Travel December 2020 boat trip schedules and ticket rates from Batangas to and from Caticlan.

Starlite Ferries Updated Schedule as of June 1, 2020

Here’s the Starlite Ferries updated schedule as of today, June 1, 2020, for the following routes and destinations: Batangas to Calapan/Calapan to Batangas Batangas to Caticlan/Caticlan to Batangas Roxas to Batangas/Batangas to Roxas Cebu to Surigao/Surigao to Cebu

2020 SuperCat Batangas to Calapan Trip Schedules & Ticket Rates

Here are the SuperCat Batangas to Calapan Trip Schedules and Ticket Rates. Batangas is rich with natural resources and beautiful sceneries. From smooth white sand beaches, submarine gardens, diverse diving sites, it’s a perfect place to relax and unwind.

2020 FastCat Batangas to Calapan Schedules, Passenger, and Freight Rates

Here are the FastCat  Batangas to Calapan Trip Schedules, Passenger Fares, and Freight Rates.