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September 2017 2Go Travel Boat Ticket Prices to/ from Manila

In just a few days, the month of September is here. Do you have plans in going to Palawan, Visayas, and Mindanao area? Check below sample ticket prices of 2Go Travel from Manila to the different routes and ports of destinations for 2Go Travel/Superferry vessels. Below sample ticket prices were taken via online booking at […]

September 2017 2Go Boat Sailing Schedules and Ticket Rates Cebu to and from Mindanao

Sojourners never run out of things to do. They keep on looking and exploring new places. To help you plan ahead of your desired trips in one of the 7, 000 plus islands in the Philippines we are sharing here the September 2017 2Go Boat Trip Schedules and Ticket rates to and from Cebu, Butuan, […]