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Starlite Ferries New Route: Cebu to Surigao and Vice Versa Trip Schedules and Ticket Rates



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Starlite Ferries new route Cebu to Surigao and Vice Versa is finally here with MV Stella Maris.

With Starlite new route you can now easily explore Cebu and Surigao City.

In visiting Surigao City, ride with a Starlite ferry from Pier 3, Manuel L. Quezon Boulevard, Port Area, Cebu City to Surigao Base Port, Surigao City.

Starlite Ferries New Route Trip Schedule

Cebu to Surigao Ferry Trip Schedule
  • Daily at 10:00 AM
Surigao to Cebu Trip Schedule
  • Daily at 9:00 PM

Starlite MV Stella Maris Ticket Rates

Recliner Accommodation

  • Regular Rate-Php750.00
  • Student Rate-Php600.00
  • Senior Citizen-Php536.00
  • Children (4-11 years old) –Php375.00
  • Infant and Baby-No Fee

Economy  bed (Non air-conditioned) Accommodation

  • Regular Rate-Php850.00
  • Student Rate-Php680.00
  • Senior Citizen-Php607.00
  • Children (4-11 years old) –Php425.00
  • Infant and Baby (0-3 years old) –No Fee

Tourist bed (Air-conditioned) Accommodation)

  • Regular Rate-Php1, 050.00
  • Student Rate-Php840.00
  • Senior Citizen-Php750.00
  • Children (4-11 years old) –Php525.00
  • Infant and Baby (0-3 years old) –No Fee

Cabin for 4 and 8 PAX

  • Regular Rate-Php1, 360.00
  • Student Rate-Php1, 080.00
  • Senior Citizen-Php964.00
  • Children (4-11 years old) –Php675.00
  • Infant and Baby (0-3 years old) –No Fee

VIP Room Rate (up to 3 Pax)

  • Php4, 500.00

Starlite Ferries Vehicle Rates

Motorcycle-Php1, 120.00

3 to 4.9 m-Php4, 420.00

5 to 5.9 m-Php6, 220.00

Heavy Equipment

Small (1 to 3 tons) –Php30, 220.00

Medium (3.1 to 7 tons) –Php40, 220.00

Large (7.1 to 10 tons) –Php50, 220.00

Schedules and Rates may change without prior notice.

For ticket bookings, you can book at Starlite Ferries Partner Travel Agents.

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