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Minolo Shipping Lines Trip Schedules and Rates: Puerto Galera

Going to Puerto Galera?

You can try Minolo Shipping Lines in going to Puerto Galera. This shipping line is the fastest and modern, fully fiber motorboats that are famous for its stability and durability.

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The company was founded in 1999, they have 7 boats that were named after the  Group of Birds of Prey namely:

  • MB Golden Hawk-130 capacity
  • MB Golden Falcon G-90 capacity
  • MB Golden Osprey-100 capacity
  • MB Golden Eagle G-70 capacity
  • MB Golden Eagle V-62 capacity
  • MB Golden Condor-110 capacity
  • MB Golden Vulture-150 capacity

These motorboats cruise the routes from Puerto Galera to White Beach to Batangas and vice versa.


Minolo Shipping Lines Trip Schedules

Batangas Trips

  • From 7 AM to 5 PM (every hour)- high and low season

Muelle Trips

  • Morning Trips: 6:55 AM/ 8:20 AM/ 10:15 AM and 11:10 AM
  • Afternoon Trips: 12:30 PM/ 1:45 PM and 3:30 PM
  • Optional Trips during Peak Season: 9:30 AM/ 2:50 PM and 4:10 PM

White Beach Trips

  • Morning Trip Schedules: 6:00 AM/ 7:30 AM/ 9:30 AM and 10:30 AM
  • Afternoon Trip Schedules: 12:00 PM/ 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM
  • Optional Trips during Peak Season: 2:00 PM/4:00 PM and 5:00 PM

Minolo Shipping Ticket Rates

Muelle to Batangas and Vice Versa

  • Regular-Php250.00/Student-Php200.00/Senior-Php200.00

Batangas to White Beach and Vice Versa

  • Php300.00(Regular)/Php250.00 (Student)/Php250.00 (Senior)

Batangas to Aninuan/Talipanan and Vice Versa

  • Php350.00(Regular)/Php300.00 (Student)/Php300.00 (Senior)

Child’s Fare to Muelle and White Beach

  • 4 to 7 years old- Php150.00
  • Beyond 7 years old-Student Fare

Child’s Fare to Aninuan/Talipanan

  • 4 to 7 years old-Php200.00
  • Beyond 7 years old-Student Fare

All schedules and Fares are subject to change without prior notice.

Minolo Shipping Lines Important Information

Ticket Confirmation

  • as soon as possible you have to confirm your ticket(s) in front of VM Resort

Reasons for Trip Cancellation

  • Bad weather, Gale Warning and Typhoon Signal

Ticket Reservation

  • Minolo Shipping does not accept reservation. First Come First Serve Basis Only.

Passengers Transferred to a Shuttle

  • There are some cases that the motorboat cannot dock directly to the white beach, Puerto Galera so passengers going to White Beach, Aninuan and Talipan are provided FREE a shuttle service to transfer for the said destination.

Ticketing Booth in Batangas

  • MSL Booth is located at ATI Building 3

Other Fees

  • Terminal Ticket: BatangasPhp30.00 except for 0 to 6 years old
  • Environmental User’s Fee: Puerto GaleraPhp50.00 except for 1-13 years old
  • Exit Fee (White Beach/Muelle)-Php10.00

Lost Ticket

  • Please Note that a Roundtrip Ticket is a passenger liability and responsibility to keep. Once lost you have to buy another ticket. No Ticket, No Ride.


  • Hand Carry and small baggage are free. Extra baggage is charged depending on the size.


  • Minolo Shipping allows bringing of pets (dog, cat, etc.) as long as necessary documents are complete like vaccination and registration.

Liquor and sharp-edged Materials

  • Not allowed and will be confiscated

Bringing of Foods

  • Passengers can bring foods except for raw meat and processed foods(unless with permit)

Pregnant Passengers

  • As long as with a companion or somebody to assist

For more inquiries please contact Minolo Shipping Lines at +63 917 839 2680/+63 (43) 287 36 14 from 6:30 AM to 7:00 PM.

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