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Lite Ferries 2019 Ticket Rates

Planning a trip this 2019?

Here are the Lite Shipping Corporation boat fares for 2019.

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2019 Lite Ferries Passenger Ticket Rates

Cebu to Tagbilaran/Tagbilaran to Cebu

  • Economy-Php255.00 
  • Standard-Php275.00
  • Tourist-Php390.00 

Cebu to Tubigon/Tubigon to Cebu (LF88)

  • Economy-Php275.00
  • Tourist-Php310.00 

Cebu to Tubigon/Tubigon to Cebu

  • Economy-Php200.00

Ouano, Wharf to Tubigon/Ouano, Wharf to Tubigon 12NN

  • Economy-Php180.00
  • Standard-Php200.00

Ouano, Wharf to Tubigon/Ouano, Wharf to Tubigon 12MN

  • Economy-Php200.00
  • Standard-Php220.00 

Cebu to Ormoc/Ormoc to Cebu

  • Standard-Php430.00
  • Tourist-Php545.00

Ouano, Wharf to Ormoc/Ormoc to Ouano, Wharf

  • Economy-Php300.00 

Cebu to Larena and Vice Versa

  • Economy-Php400.00
  • Standard-Php420.00
  • Tourist-Php530.00 

Cebu to and from Plaridel

  • Economy-Php760.00
  • Standard-Php780.00
  • Tourist-Php980.00

Tagbilaran to  Larena, Siquijor and Vice Versa

  • Economy-Php260.00
  • Standard-Php330.00 
  • Tourist-Php520.00

Tagbilaran to Plaridel/ Plaridel to Tagbilaran

  • Economy-Php585.00
  • Standard-Php605.00 
  • Tourist-Php640.00 

Larena, Siquijor to Plaridel and Vice Versa

  • Economy-Php400.00
  • Standard-Php470.00
  • Tourist-Php580.00

Toledo to San Carlos/San Carlos to Toledo

  • Economy-Php165.00 
  • Standard-Php190.00 
  • Tourist-Php210.00 

Samboan, Cebu to Dapitan/Dapitan to Samboan, Cebu

  • Economy-Php420.00 
  • Standard-Php440.00 

Cebu to Cagayan De Oro/ Cagayan De Oro to Cebu

  • Standard-Php1, 020.00
  • Tourist-Php1, 125.00 

Argao, Cebu to Tagbilaran/Tagbilaran to Argao, Cebu

  • Economy-Php230.00

Jagna, Bohol to Nasipit/Nasipit to Jagna, Bohol

  • Standard-Php700.00 
  • Tourist-Php825.00

Jagna, Bohol to Cagayan De Oro/Cagayan De Oro to Jagna, Bohol

  • Standard-Php700.00 
  • Tourist-Php825.00

Bogo, Cebu to/from Calbayog

  • Standard-Php399.00 

Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Lite Shipping Corporation: Lite Ferries 2019 Trip Schedules

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  1. Flor Limbo says

    Good day.
    May I ask if I can get an advance booking/ticket.
    My family will be traveling to Bohol and v.v. on 22 or 23 Nov 2019.
    Where exactly is the ticketing office in CDO?
    Thank you.

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