How to Go to Bantayan Island in Cebu

Bantayan Island is one of the favorite and popular destinations in Cebu for summer months especially during the Lenten Season. It is a good place for meditation or just simply for vacation. 


Bantayan Island is famous for its wide white sand beaches lined with coconut trees and its amazing blue sea water.


Situated at the West of the Northern end of Cebu, Philippines, Bantayan Island is a wonderful place for unwinding and relaxation.


Travelling to Bantayan is now so easy and convenient because of the direct schedule of Ceres Bus from Cebu Bus North Terminal to Bantayan Island and vice versa. The terminal, located in Subangdaku, Mandaue City is the main hub for vans, mini muses and buses plying for the Northern Cebu routes.

How to go to Cebu Bus Terminal

Coming from Cebu City, you can ride a taxi or a jeepney with OIK number which will pass Colon St., Cebu City going to SM City, then passing North Bus Terminal to its final destination Park Mall, Mandaue City.

If you are from Mactan Airport, you can take a taxi to the North Bus Terminal. Or, you can ride in an airport multicab going to Mactan Marina Mall. Opposite Marina Mall, take PUJ/multicabs going to Mandaue City. Disembark opposite Colegio de la Inmaculada Concepcion in A. Del Rosario St.,  Mandaue City. From there, ride a jeepney with 21A number which will pass Cebu North Bus Terminal in going to SM City, Cebu.

Direct Ceres Bus Trip to Bantayan Island

Going via the direct Ceres Bus travel to Bantayan means less hassle as you will not be disembarking at Hagnaya Port and transfer to the ferry. This is also more convenient for travelers who have lot of baggage or for those who are in large group or when you have children with you.


Ceres Bus Liner Trip Schedule

Revised Daily Schedule of Trip

Cebu to Bantayan Trip Schedule                          Ferry Departure Hagnaya to Sta. Fe

1st Trip-11:45PM                                                                        4:00AM

2nd Trip-12:15AM                                                                       4:00AM

3rd Trip-3:00AM                                                                          7:30AM

4th Trip-6:00AM                                                                        10:30AM                                      

5th Trip-8:00AM                                                                        12:30PM

6th Trip-10:00AM                                                                        2:30PM

7th Trip-12:30PM                                                                        4:30PM

Bantayan Island to Cebu Bus Schedule             Ferry Departure Sta. Fe to Hagnaya

1st Trip-5:00AM                                                                           6:00AM

2nd Trip-7:45 AM                                                                         8:30AM

3RD Trip-9:45AM                                                                       10:30AM

4th Trip-11:45AM                                                                       12:30PM

5th Trip-1:45PM                                                                           2:30PM

6th Trip-2:20PM                                                                           4:30PM

7th Trip-5:20PM                                                                           6:00PM

Note: Schedule may change without prior notice

Ceres Bus Fare Rate to or from Bantayan Island: Php370.00 (boat fare included)


Other Traveling Options in Going to Bantayan Island

In case you cannot catch up the Ceres Bus Schedule, you may take these options in going to Hagnaya Port where you will take a ferry crossing to Sta. Fe Port in Bantayan Island.

  • riding a van for hire from Cebu North Bus Terminal to Hagnaya Port
  • riding a taxi
  • riding other bus transit like Rough Riders or Cebu Auto bus
  • or simply by riding a private car

Below are the schedules of Ferries from Hagnaya Port to Sta. Fe and Vice Versa

Island Shipping Corporation Schedule of Trips 

Hagnaya Port to Sta. Fe Boat Trips            Sta. Fe to Hagnaya Port Departure Time

1:20AM (Tuesday and Friday)                                               3:00AM(Tuesday and Friday)

3:00AM                                                                                       5:00AM

5:00AM                                                                                       7:30AM

6:30AM                                                                                       9;30AM

9:30AM                                                                                       11:30AM

11:30AM                                                                                      1:30PM

1:30PM                                                                                        3:30PM

3:30PM                                                                                        5:30PM


Super Shuttle Ferry Departure Time

Hagnaya Port to Sta. Fe Ferry Trips                  Sta. Fe to Hagnaya Port Trip Schedule

4:00AM                                                                                         6:00AM

7:00AM                                                                                         8:30AM

8:00AM                                                                                        10:30AM

10:30AM                                                                                       12:30PM

12:30PM                                                                                         2:30PM

2:30PM                                                                                           4:30PM

4:30PM                                                                                           6:00PM

Ferry Ticket Prices Hagnaya Port to/from Bantayan Island


Regular Fare                               Php170.00                        Php170.00            

Children 1 to 11                          Php85.00                          Php85.00

Senior Citizens                           Php119.68*                       Php136.00

Students                                      Php144.50                         Php144.50

*Note: Senior Citizens fare usually only applies to residents of the Philippines with a valid Senior Citizens ID. Tourists normally cannot qualify for this discount.

Important Reminders:

Ferry schedules are subject to change without prior notice.

Please be advised that it is much better to arrive in Hagnaya Port before 3:00 pm to make sure you can catch on one of the last boats leaving for the day.

If you have questions and clarifications please contact directly the ticket booths below:

Hagnaya Ticket Booth at phone: +63 0919-525-1388

Santa Fe Ticket Booth: +63 918-704-7196

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