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George and Peter Lines 2017 Boat Schedules and Ticket Fares: Cebu, Dumaguete and Dapitan

George and Peter Lines Inc. is one of the countries trusted shipping company that provides clean, dependable and safe services to merchants and travelers to and from Visayas and Mindanao area.

We are sharing here the 2017 George and Peter Lines Shipping Schedules and Ticket Prices specifically to the following routes: Cebu, Dumaguete, Dapitan and Vice Versa,

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Cebu Port Boat Schedule of Trip

Cebu to Dumaguete to Dapitan Connecting Boat Trip Schedule

The M/V GP Ferry served the connecting route Cebu to Dumaguete to Dapitan that sail away from Cebu Port every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday at 10 PM.

The boat estimated time of arrival in Dumaguete is at 4 AM.

The ship will leave Dumaguete at 6 AM going to Dapitan.

Estimated time of arrival in Dapitan is at 10 AM (Tuesday/Friday and Sunday)

George and Peter Lines, Sunday trip schedule is done by M/V Georich. This is still a connecting route Cebu to Dumaguete to Dapitan.

Sailing time in Cebu at 10 PM, will reach Dumaguete port at 4 AM. Then the ship will sail again at 6 AM from Dumaguete going to Dapitan. The estimated time of arrival in Dapitan is 10 AM (Monday).

Cebu to Dapitan Direct Boat Trip Schedule

For the Cebu to Dapitan direct trip schedule is being serviced by M/V Georich every Tuesdays and Fridays that leaves Cebu Port at 9 PM. The estimated time of arrival in Dapitan is at 6 AM.

Dumaguete Port Schedule of Trip


Dumaguete to Dapitan Boat Direct Trip Schedule

The Dumaguete to Dapitan direct route is served by M/V Georich on Mondays and on Tuesdays and Fridays is done by M/V GP Ferry 2.

These vessels depart Dumaguete for Dapitan at 6 AM with an estimated time of arrival in Dapitan at 10 AM.

Dumaguete to Cebu Ship Sailing Schedule

For the Dumaguete to Cebu direct trip schedule is done by the following vessels:

  • M/V Georich-departs Dumaguete going to Cebu every Mondays and Saturdays
  • M/V GP Ferry 2 serves every Friday

Those vessels sail from Dumaguete port at 11 PM. Estimated time of arrival is 5 AM (Cebu)

Dapitan Port Boat Trip Schedule

Dapitan to Dumaguete Direct Trip Boat Schedule

George and Peter Line ship cruise from Dapitan to Dumaguete every Fridays (M/V GP Ferry 2) and every Saturdays (M/V Georich) at 4 PM. Will arrive Dumaguete at 8 PM.

Dapitan to Cebu Direct Trip Ship Sailing Schedule

For the Dapitan, to Cebu route, the GP ships leave every Tuesdays and Sundays by M/V GP Ferry 2 and on Wednesdays, M/V Georich at 7 PM. Estimated time of arrival in Cebu is at 5 AM.

As of writing this post, there is no available schedule for Zamboanga City route.

George and Peter Lines Boat Fares 2017

Cebu to Dapitan and vice versaPhp650.00 (Economy)

Cebu to Dumaguete/Dumaguete to CebuPhp310.00 (Economy)

Dumaguete to/from DapitanPhp320.00 (Economy)

Discounted fares are available for the following passengers:

Students and frequent travelers club members– 201 % off on regular ticket price

Senior Citizens/PWD’s-20% off + NO VAT fare discount

Children 3-11 years old-50% off on ticket fare

Children 2 years old and below– free of charge

 George and Peter Line Ship Schedules and ticket rates are subject to change without prior notice.

To purchase your tickets for Cebu, Dumaguete and Dapitan, visit any George and Peter Lines ticketing office or at their Cebu Main Office, Pier 2, GP Bldg, Arellano Blvd. corner V. Gullas Ext. Cebu City.

For questions about buying a ticket, 2017 ticket rates, freight charges and other concerns you may contact the following numbers:

  • (032) 254-5164- Main Ticketing Office (Cebu)
  • (035) 225-2345-Dumaguete Ticketing Office
  • (065) 212-2664-Dipolog Ticketing Office
  • +63 9096907858-Pulauan Ticketing Office

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