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Cebu Pacific Introduces Contactless Flights for Everyone’s Safety


Cebu Pacific introduces Contactless Flights as a way of their preparation for future flights.

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And ensures those with vital or immediate need to travel that CEB airline is more than ever ready to accompany them on a safe journey to the travel destinations that needed to be.

Cebu Pacific Contactless Safety Measures

On Ground Safety Measures

  • All Staff on duty are required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs)
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection on self-check-in kiosks, check-in, and bag counters, and shuttle buses
  • Alcohol-based hand Sanitizers will be stationed in CEB passenger areas for guests and staff use.

No-touch Boarding and Self Check-in

  •  Online check-in is advised prior to flight for faster processing and lesser human contact.
  • Travelers are advised to be at the airport two (2) hours before the expected departure as check-in counters will be closed one (1) hour before the flight.
  • For those bringing more than 2 luggage assign only one representative to go to the baggage drop-off counter.
  • During boarding, passengers will be required to hold boarding passes with the bar code facing the airline staff for Touchless scanning.

Inflight Safety Measures

  • Mandatory wearing of face masks for all passengers for the whole flight duration.
  • Passengers will be the ones to put their own hand-carry bags in the overhead bins and to practice self-disposal of trash and waste at the end of the flight.
  • Middle seats will be kept vacant as much as possible to maintain the social distancing on-board.
  • No changing of seats will be strictly implemented by the cabin crew members.
  • Everyone must orderly observe deplaning procedures on-board.

Rapid Antibody Testing for Pilots and Cabin Crew


  • To ensure that the pilots and cabin crew members are healthy and in top condition, they will undergo rapid antibody testing before their flights.
  • PPE’s and face masks to be worn on duty.
  • Wearing gloves when serving passengers.
  • Operating crews are trained to assist and isolate guests on-board, as needed.

Cabin Safety and Cleaning Measures

 Everyone who will be flying after the ECQ will be lifted is assured that the cabin air is clean and safe.

  •  The CEB Airbus jets are equipped with High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor (HEPA) filters to block microscopic bacteria and virus clusters, including the Novel Corona Virus with 99.9% efficiency.
  • And the air inside the cabin is also changed every 3 minutes by average to maintain fresh and clean air.

Stringent aircraft cleaning measures

Thorough daily aircraft disinfection that follows procedures approved by the Bureau of Quarantine and the World Health Organization that includes:

  • Misting of the cabin using disinfectant approved by Airbus jets
  • Regular sanitation in between flights and every 30 minutes during the flight on all surfaces inside lavatories (walls, sink, mirror, knobs, toilet bowl, and floors.

For urgent inquiries, please call Cebu Pacific at +632 88027070.

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