Cebu to Bohol and Vice Versa Boat Schedules and Ticket Prices

Going to and from Cebu to Bohol nowadays is very easy and convenient with lots of shipping lines serving this route. We are sharing here, the different shipping lines trip schedules and fares from Cebu to Bohol and vice versa route. A dedicated post for each shipping lines can be found on our website 2Go […]

Lite Ferries Schedule Calbayog to Cebu City and vice versa via Bogo City

Hello, Sojourners! Traveling from Central Visayas to Eastern Visayas? Lite Ferries is now sailing from Bogo, Cebu to Calbayog and vice versa. With the newest routes of  Lite Ferries Bogo City to Calbayog City, this will be the fastest and quickest route for trips from Luzon going to Central Visayas( Cebu, Dumaguete, Tagbilaran(Bohol) and Larena, […]

Lite Ferries 2017 Trip Schedules, Offices, Contact Information, Ports of Call

Lite Ferries are among the sea transport which conveniently sail you to your desired destination in several of the 7, 000 islands in the Philippines.The company has grown to be a major maritime transport firm  which operating in the Visayas and Northern Mindanao. Lite Shipping Corporation has twenty (20) Ro-Ro cargo passenger vessels serving major […]