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Si-Kat Ferries Inc. Bus and Ferry Trip Schedules and Ticket Prices from Manila to and from Puerto Galera

Si-Kat Ferries Inc. offers a daily boat and tourist bus service from Manila to Puerto Galera and Vice Versa. This bus and ferry company is leading bus and ferry company that serves the Mindoro region for over 20 years now. Si-Kat comes from the Tagalog language in the Philippines, which means sunrise, success, strength, famous […]

Minolo Shipping Lines Trip Schedules and Rates: Puerto Galera

Going to Puerto Galera? You can try Minolo Shipping Lines in going to Puerto Galera. This shipping line is the fastest and modern, fully fiber motorboats that are famous for its stability and durability. The company was founded in 1999, they have 7 boats that were named after the  Group of Birds of Prey namely: […]