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August 2017 Ticket Price: Batangas to/from Caticlan, Odiongan, Romblon and Roxas

Cruise to your next adventure with 2Go Travel to following destinations: Batangas, Caticlan, Odiongan, Romblon and Roxas City.

For those who want  to visit and experience the pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear blue waters of Boracay, we are sharing below the August 2017 2Go Ticket Prices from Batangas to Caticlan.

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Caticlan is the gateway to Boracay, one of the famous beach destinations in the Philippines.


August 2017 2Go Travel Ticket Rates to/from Batangas

The fares shared on this post were randomly booked at 2Go website: and are the lowest possible rate our team got upon booking online.

2Go Ticket Prices Batangas to Caticlan/Caticlan to Batangas Route

Batangas to Caticlan  Ticket Rate


 Caticlan to Batangas 2Go Travel Ticket Price


2Go Ticket Rate Batangas to Odiongan and vice versa

2Go Ticket Rate from Batangas to Odiongan on August 4, 2017 is Php914.00, while the return trip Odiongan to Batangas on August 11, 2017 is Php914.00.

Batangas to Romblon/Romblon to Batangas  Boat Ticket Prices

The Batangas to Romblon SuperFerry Ticket Price is Php895.60 on August 15, 2017 travel date while the Romblon to Batangas Fare on August 16, 2017 sailing date is Php929.20.

SuperFerry Ticket Rates Batangas to/from Roxas City

Batangas to Roxas City SuperFerry Ticket Rate on August 22, 2017 voyage date is Php1, 051.59, whereas, the Roxas City to Batangas route 2Go rate on August 26, 2017 travel date is Php929.20.

2Go Travel Ticket Rates Roxas City to Romblon and vice versa

For the Roxas City to Romblon route the ticket amount on August 9, 2017 travel date is Php2, 111.07 and the  return trip ticket rate for Romblon to Roxas City on August 26, 2017 is Php789.00. This is a 2Go Travel Promo Fares!

Odiongan to Caticlan/Caticlan to Odiongan 2Go Ticket Prices

For August 19, 2017 sailing date from Odiongan going to Caticlan route,

all in 2Go fare is Php1, 149.47 and for Caticlan to Odiongan on August 27, 2017  is  Php1, 149.47

2Go Travel rates for August 2017 may change without prior notice.

It is best to do your own checking for the prices of your preferred destinations, accommodations and 2Go travels trip schedule at their website.

Here’s the 2Go Travel Guide on How to Book Online.

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