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August 2017 2Go SuperFerry Ticket Prices to or from Manila/Visayas, Palawan and Mindanao

In response to our readers queries we are sharing here 2Go Superferry ticket prices for August 2017 for the different routes in the Visayas, Palawan and Mindanao from Manila.

We hope that this post may help you in planning your trip to the provinces.

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The Superferry tickets we are showing below were randomly selected. The fares may not be the lowest ticket rate for the month but it is the lowest price for the day.

Boat Ticket samples were taken at 2Go Travel website via online booking as of July 3, 2017.


 2Go SuperFerry Ticket Prices Manila to Visayas and Palawan

                                  Manila to Cebu City                                                      


                                   Cebu City to Manila 


Manila to Bacolod CityPhp1, 624.00 rate for August 10, 2017

Bacolod City to ManilaPhp1, 320.79 for August 11,2017 departure

Manila to Dumaguete CityPhp2, 030.00 for August 13, 2017 voyage

Dumaguete City to ManilaPhp2, 030.00 fare for August 16, 2017

Manila to Iloilo CityPhp534.79 for August 17, 2017 fare

Iloilo City to Manila-Php612.79 fare for August 19, 2017

Manila to Puerto PrincesaPhp1, 363.19 August 22, 2017 ticket rate

Puerto Princesa to ManilaPhp1, 285.19 for August 26, 2017 fare

Manila to Coron, PalawanPhp1, 129.20 for August 25, 2017 fare

Coron, Palawan to ManilaPhp1, 129.20 for August 27, 2017 voyage

 2Go Travel Ticket Prices Manila to Mindanao and vice versa

                                      Manila to Butuan City 


                                 Butuan City to Manila Ticket 


Manila to Cagayan de OroPhp1, 587.19 for August 13, 2017 departure

Cagayan de Oro to ManilaPhp1, 665.18 for August 18, 2017 sailing

Manila to Dipolog CityPhp2, 430.00 for August 20, 2017 fare

Dipolog City to ManilaPhp2, 380.00 for August 30, 2017 fare

Manila to Iligan CityPhp2, 252.01 for August 7, 2017 rate

Iligan City to ManilaPhp2, 052.00 for August 16, 2017 fare

Manila to Ozamiz CityPhp2, 124.00 for August 14, 2017

Ozamiz City to ManilaPhp2, 452.00 for August 24, 2017

Zamboanga City to ManilaPhp696.38 for August 29, 2017 voyage

 2Go Travel Ticket Fares shown above may change without prior notice.

At present, 2Go Travel had no official promo fare announcement. But based on the tickets we got on their website via online booking there are 2Go Travel promo fares on selected travel dates and routes.

Want to get the exact fare/cheapest fares for your trips? Log-on to And here is a GUIDE ON HOW TO BOOK ONLINE of 2Go Travel Tickets.

Once, you have successfully logged-on, and you find the ticket rate that suits your budget, book right away because you cannot be sure if the fare you want to purchase are still available hours or days later, there are other passengers that are also looking for tickets.

The 2Go Travel Regular Tickets can be purchased at 2Go Travel accredited booking outlets. But, 2Go promo tickets can only be booked via online booking or calling the 2Go Travel hotline at (02) 528 7000.

The 2Go Travel Ticket Price covers the base fare, fees and taxes, bed linens and meal/s which vary according to trip selected. A maximum of 75 kilograms hand carried baggage included in the ticket.

For more information and updates of 2Go Travel regular tickets, promos, boat schedules and other shipping lines, like our Facebook page: 2Go Promo Fares!

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