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2Go Travel Boarding Rules and Answers to Passengers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Here are the answers to the frequently asked question of our 2Go readers and followers on Facebook: 2Go Promo Fares.

Sojourners, we hope that we have provided answers to your questions with this informative post.

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If ever we haven’t answered here your inquiries, you can also call 2Go Customer Service Hotline at (02) 8528 7000.


What are the routes and destinations of 2Go Travel?

Check here the 2Go Travel routes and destinations.

How much is the fare for SUV, motorcycle, or any vehicle on-board the 2Go vessel?

For vehicle or cargo bookings and rates, please call the 2Go customer service hotline at 8528-7400 from Monday to Saturday, 8:00 AM-7:00 PM or email at [email protected]

How can we know if there are promo fares offered by 2Go Travel?

Mostly, 2Go Travel promos are released a day before to a declared Philippine holiday or a special event in the country. We at 2Go Promo Fares will share on our Facebook page as soon as possible.

If you want to be updated on 2Go promos, Like and Follow us on FB: 2Go Promo Fares!!!

Where can we book 2Go Travel Promo Tickets?

2Go Promo or Sale Tickets are available via online booking, through hotline booking with the 2Go Customer Service Representatives (02) 8528-7000, or at any 2Go Stores nationwide nearest you.

Just Be always ready for promo notices if you want to avail and grab the low-priced fares.

Does 2Go Travel give discounted fare for students, PWDs, and senior citizens?

Government-mandated discounts will be given to students, Persons with Disabilities (PWDs),and senior citizens upon presentation of a valid ID: student ID, NCWDP ID, OSCA ID (Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs).

Important Reminder:  The above discounts will not apply for 2Go Promo Sale Tickets.

What are the other discounts offered by 2Go Travel?

2Go retail outlets give a 20% discount to passengers who have PAG-Ibig Loyalty Card.

How much is the ticket rate for children?

Children two (2) years old and below and whose height below one (1) are considered infants and a fixed rate of Php205.00 will be charged which will be paid at the terminal of 2Go Travel.

A maximum of 2 infants per adult passenger is allowed and will share with the bed and or bunk of the parent. A birth certificate must be presented in order to avail of the rates for infants.

For children (3-11 years old) may avail the 50% discount on the full promo fare or on the regular fare (whichever is lower). Birth certificates must be presented to avail the discounted fare.

What are the requirements upon boarding the 2Go Travel Vessel?

The passenger must present one (1) copy of the eTicket Itinerary Receipt and a valid ID.

For infants, 1-year-old and below are required to present medical certificate and birth certificate.

And here’s the list of valid ID’s accepted:

Government-issued IDs
> PRC ID (ID issued by the Professional Regulation Commission)
> Driver’s License
> Passport
> Senior Citizen’s ID (OSCA)
> Federation of Senior Citizens ID (FSCA)
> Postal ID
> NBI Certificate
> TIN ID (issued by BIR)
> Voter’s ID

Other IDs Accepted
> Company ID
> Student ID

How much is the free baggage allowed per passenger by 2Go Travel?

All 2Go Travel tickets (regular/promo fare) are inclusive of 50 Kilos Free Personal Baggage allowance.

How much am I gonna pay for the excess baggage?

Please check here for the Excess Baggage and Tariff Rates.

Do pregnant women allowed to travel on-board the 2Go Travel vessel?

Pregnant passengers below 24 weeks must present a waiver and medical certificate stating that they are fit to travel.

Passengers who are more than 24 weeks pregnant will not be allowed to board.

What is the Requirement for sick passengers or with medical illness?

A Medical Certificate must be presented upon boarding attesting that he/she is fit to travel.

2Go may refuse to board a sick passenger if it determines that passenger’s health condition prevents from undertaking the voyage safely or the passenger poses a risk to the health and safety among other passengers of boat.

Persons with Disability (PWD), persons with a mental disorder, and persons with a visible or obvious medical condition must present a Medical Certificate and have a legal aged travel companion.

Is there a free meal included in the 2Go Travel Ticket?

Yes, a free meal is included in the 2Go ticket, number and availability vary according to ship schedule.

Is bed linen free on board the 2Go Travel Vessel?

Linen is included upon purchase of the 2Go Travel ticket except for the Jet Seater accommodation.

Do we have to pay an additional terminal fee?

Passengers from Pier 4 Manila will have to pay a Php95.00 as a terminal fee. Senior Citizens for Php50.00 and students for Php75.00.

How much is the 2Go Travel Ticket?

2Go ticket prices are not fixed, it varies according to travel dates and demands (peak season).

On this website, we post the monthly schedules and ticket prices of 2Go Travel.

Please take note, that we are not an online booking, and we suggest that you must do your own preliminary or test booking online for you to check if there is still an available slot for your desired travel date and also if there are low boat fares.

You can also call their hotline to ask for ticket prices and reservations.

What are the accommodations available?

The type of accommodations depends on the vessel, but in general, these are the accommodation available: Super Value, Mega Value, Tourist, Cabin, State Room, and Suite Room.

How to Book 2Go Travel Tickets?

Here are the options:

  • Call hotline (02) 8528 700 and reserve ticket
  • Book Online at 2Go website
  • Buy at 2Go Ticketing Offices/outlets or accredited agencies

However, please be reminded that 2Go promo fare tickets are not available in ticketing agencies/outlets, promo tickets are only available via the hotline and online booking.

A guide on how to Book your ticket ONLINE.

What is the method of Payment in Buying 2Go Tickets?

For online booking, tickets are paid using credit cards or ATM.

Can we pay at payment centers like LBC, 7 Eleven, Palawan, etc?

As of the moment, payment method on these centers are not yet available in paying 2Go Travel tickets purchased through hotline or online.

But you can book and buy your tickets at the following SM Stores (Customer Service Counters): Cubao, North Edsa, Quiapo, Harrison Plaza, Makati, Bicutan, Rosario, Molino, Megamall and BF Paranaque.

Does 2Go Travel have trip Manila to Davao or General Santos City?

2Go has No trips from Manila to Davao or General Santos City.

Does 2Go have a trip from Manila to Tagbilaran, Bohol?

2Go Travel has no direct trip from Manila to Tagbilaran route. Travelers can have the Manila to Cebu boat trip, then take SuperCat for Tagbilaran.

How to apply for a ticketing outlet?

Please call the 2Go Travel hotline or send an email at

What time should the passenger be at the Port?

Passengers with Cargo or Checked Baggage must be at the terminal at least four (4) hours before the scheduled departure time of the boat.

Are pets/animals allowed on-board the 2Go vessel?

Animals and pets are allowed on board, except for the endangered species. Pets and Animals should be properly put in a cage and have a quarantine certificate. Pets have designated areas inside the ship.

An available quarantine desk at Pier 4 Manila (Monday to Friday) from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

The BL (Bill of Lading) varies on the cage size.

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