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2Go Travel and SuperFerry Guide on How to Book Online

Traveling is one of the top hobbies of many people nowadays and  2GO Travel SuperFerry helps you to make your bookings and payments easier which you can do at home or anywhere convenient thru online booking.

We hope that thru this post we are able to give assistance to your questions in regards with the 2GO travel ticket prices, bookings and payment which you can do by visiting the online booking facility of 2GO Travelwebsite.

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An eTicket Itinerary Receipt will be send to you upon confirmation of your ticket payment. This confirmation receipt will be hand over to the 2Go Travel Team upon boarding the 2Go Travel vessels, so please make sure to keep and bring it before going to the pier.


Reminders before proceeding with the Online Booking Steps:

Make sure to prepare the following data:

  • The port where you will board the ship (Port of Origin) for example: Manila
  • The port of call or the destination you want. For example: Bacolod City
  • The date you prefer to travel
  • ATM debit card or credit card. Online booking of 2Go Travel is only thru Credit Card and ATM card.

For those who don’t have ATM or Credit Card you can get 2Go directly any 2Go ticketing offices or 2Go accredited travel agents.

Are you prepared? Let us begin….

Now, you must log on at 2Go Travel website:

Step 1: Online Booking with 2Go Travel SuperFerry

  • On the dropdown menu, choose your origin
  • Pick destination
  • Select preferred sailing date-you can see the dates, time and the name of the vessel that will bring you to your selected destination
  • of Persons 3 years old and above-1 is already in the tab as a default. Modify this if you are booking for more than 1 passenger. If you are alone, no need to change it.
  • With Insurance? If you prefer travelling with insurance you have to click the “YES” button but you will pay an extra amount.
  • Click Book Now, after filling up above required information: A new page will appear, at the right bottom portion, click

Step 2: Online Booking with 2Go Travel SuperFerry

  • Accommodation: You can select here the 2Go Travel accommodation that you would like to avail on your trip. The available 2Go ships accommodations are: Mega Value Class, Super Value Class, Tourist Class, Cabin for 4, StateRoom for 2, SuiteRoom for 2 and Business Class for 6.
  • Select the boat accommodation you desire by clicking the “circle” at the accommodation side. The total amount of the ticket you will be paying will show. Taxes and Fees are already included.

If you are agreeable with above shown amount,Click CONTINUE

Step 3: Online Booking with 2Go Travel SuperFerry

  • On this page, you need to fill-out completely the passenger information: last name, first name, middle initial, age and gender


For Senior Citizens passenger, the OSCA ID number should be provided in the space under OSCA ID. This is a requirement in order to avail the discount due for Senior Citizens.

  • Click CONTINUEon the bottom part. A confirmation page will show. Check if the Passenger information and Total Fare is correct.
  • After confirming all the details, scroll down at the bottom page and tick CONTINUE.
  • On the sailing date, the Senior Citizen Passenger must show his/her ID to the 2Go Team upon boarding. If the passenger fails to present his/her ID, he/she must pay back the discount given.

Step 4: Online Booking with 2Go Travel SuperFerry

  • Below shown page is the Contact Information Page. You need to fill in all the needed information in all the required fields. The name should be the same as it appears on the ATM card or Credit Card to be used during payment. Double check all the data encoded, once confirmed accurate, scroll down and you will see optional survey questions which you can answer if you want.
  • Scroll down to the bottom page, click the button besides the “I agree to 2Go eTicket Terms and Conditions” statement.


Step 5: Online Booking with 2Go Travel SuperFerry

After clicking the confirm button

  • A new page will appear where you can see the 2Go eTicket booking.
  • Select the option in paying your ticket: Credit Card or ATM card by clicking the “circle” at their side.
  • Next, tick the CONTINUE button


A new PAYMENT PAGE will appear

In the sample presented I book using the credit card so it is stated in the page that the iPay Payment Connection is for credit card transaction only.


Check the Amount to be credited to your Credit card. If everything is good, click the CONTINUE button.

Another page will appear where you can input your credit card number and details. Just follow the instructions on this page.

You will receive the eTicket Itinerary receipt thru your email once payment is successful.

How to Get the 2Go Travel eTicket
  • Once you completed the payment online, an eTicket ItineraryReceipt will be send into the email address that you provided in the Contact Information Page upon booking. So it is necessary to accurately check all the data you input in your 2Go online ticket booking.
  • Download the eTicket Itinerary and print it. This need to be shown upon boarding the boat together with the documents required below.

The required documents below are to presented to the 2Go Boarding team upon boarding the ship as an added security measure of 2Go Travel  for the protection of the true credit card or ATM card owner:

Credit Card Transactions Document Required:
  1. 2 copies of the Originally Signed eTicket Itinerary Receipt (signed by the Credit Card Holder and the Passenger/s).
  2. Photocopy of the credit card holder’s valid ID.
  3. Photocopy of the credit card used in purchasing the eTicket. (front side only)
  4. Passenger’s Valid ID
Documents Required for ATM transactions:
  1. 2 copies of the Originally Signed eTicket Itinerary Receipts
  2. Valid ID of Passengers

Note: 2Go Travel reserves the right to refuse boarding if passengers cannot present the above mentioned documents upon request.

For more shipping information like and follow our Facebook Page: 2Go Promo Fares! 

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    • boatpromos says

      Please book online at 2Go Travel website.

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