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2019 Roble Shipping Lines RoRo and Fast Craft Trip Schedule and Fare

Roble Shipping Lines, Inc., a Cebu based shipping company that was established since 1985.

At present,  it’s vessels (RoRo & Fast Craft) offer services to passengers traveling to and from Region VII and VIII.

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Roble Shipping Lines aims to provide comfort and safety to traveling passengers and shippers.


MV Superjoy Daily Fastcraft Schedule 2019

Cebu to Hilongos

  • 6:00 AM

Hilongos to Cebu

  • 9:15 AM

Cebu to Baybay

  • 1:00 PM

Baybay to Cebu

  • 4:30 PM

Roble Shipping Lines RoRo Boat Trip Schedules

Cebu to Hilongos (Day Trip)

  • Daily at 12:00 Noon

Hilongos to Cebu (Day Trip)

  • Daily at 11:00 AM

Cebu to Hilongos (Night Trip)

  • Daily at 9:00 PM

Hilongos to Cebu (Night Trip)

  • Daily at 10:00 PM

Cebu to Ormoc

  • Daily at 10:00 PM

Ormoc to Cebu

  • Daily at 11:00 AM

Cebu to Catbalogan, Samar

  • Every Monday and Thursday at 7:00 PM

Catbalogan, Samar to Cebu

  • Every Tuesday and Friday at 7:00 PM

Cebu to Naval

  • Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 8:30 PM

Naval to Cebu

  • Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday at 8:30 PM

Roble Shipping Lines Passenger Ticket Rates 2019

Cebu to Hilongos/Hilongos to Cebu M/V Superjoy Ticket Rates

  • Economy: Php550.00
  • Tourist (Aircon): Php 650.00

Cebu to/from Baybay MV Superjoy Fastcraft Fare

  • Economy: Php580.00
  • Tourist (Aircon): Php680.00

Cebu to Hilongos and Vice Versa Day Trip Boat Fare

  • Sitting: Php265.00
  • Economy: Php265.00/Php275.00
  • Deluxe Sitting: Php310.00
  • Deluxe Class: Php330.00
  • Tourist Class: Php370.00
  • Cabin: Php585.00

Cebu to and from Hilongos Night Trip Ticket Prices

  • Sitting: Php265.00
  • Economy: Php265.00/Php275.00
  • Tourist Class: Php370.00
  • Cabin: Php600.00

Cebu to Ormoc/Ormoc to Cebu Ticket Rate

  • Sitting: PHp390.00
  • Economy (Non-Aircon): Php400.00
  • Tourist Class: Php510.00
  • Business: Php675.00
  • Executive: Php930.00
  • Suite/VIP: Php2080.00

Cebu to Catbalogan and Vice Versa Ferry Fare

  • Sitting (Chance Passenger)Php625.00
  • Economy: Php700.00
  • Tourist Class: Php775.00
  • Business: Php850.00
  • Cabin: Php1000.00
  • VIP: Php2000.00

Cebu to Naval/Naval to Cebu Passenger Fare

  • Sitting (Chance Passenger): Php480.00
  • Economy: Php485.00
  • Tourist Class: Php590.00
  • Cabin: Php980.00

Cebu to Baybay/Baybay to Cebu Fare

  • Sitting: Php255:00
  • Economy: Php290.00
  • Tourist: Php380.00
  • Cabin: Php585.00

Schedules and Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Passengers who want to avail the government mandated discounts, please present a valid ID.

For more information Please contact Roble Shipping Lines, Inc at (032) 419-1190 to 95/(032) 260-1921 to 23/(032) 416-6256

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