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2018 George and Peter Lines Routes, Trip Schedules, Ticket Rates and Contact Numbers

Traveling to Cebu, Dapitan, and Dumaguete?

George and Peter Lines are one country’s trusted sea transportation that travels to the following routes and destinations: Cebu to Dumaguete to Dapitan and Vice Versa.

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We are sharing here the company’s updated schedule and ticket rates this2018.


George and Peter Lines Trip Schedules 2018

Cebu to Dumaguete to Dapitan Boat Trip Schedule

Cebu to Dumaguete

  • Every Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday at 10:00 PM.

Dumaguete to Dapitan

  • Every Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday at 6:00 AM.

Dapitan, Dumaguete to Cebu Boat Departure Schedule

Dapitan to Dumaguete

  • Every Monday, Friday, and Saturday at 4:00 PM

Dumaguete to Cebu

  • Every Monday, Friday, and Saturday at 11:00 PM

Cebu to Dapitan and Vice Versa Direct Trip Schedule

Cebu to Dapitan

  • Every Tuesday and Friday at 9:00 PM

Dapitan to Cebu

  • Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday at 7:00 PM

George and Peter Line Ticket Prices 2018

Cebu to Dumaguete Ticket Rates

Suite Room: Php2, 560.00

Cabin: Php1, 295.00

Tourist: Php720.00

Economy: Php370.00

Dumaguete to Dapitan Ticket Prices

Suite Room: Php1, 700.00

Cabin: Php850.00

Tourist: Php480.00

Economy: Php380.00

Dapitan to Dumaguete Boat Fares

Suite Room: Php1, 700.00

Cabin: Php850.00

Tourist: Php480.00

Economy: Php38.00

Dumaguete to Cebu Passenger Ticket Rates

Suite Room: Php2, 590.00

Cabin: Php1,540.00

Tourist: Php720.00

Economy: Php370.00

Cebu to Dapitan /Cebu to Dapitan (Direct) Ticket Prices

Suite: Php3, 075.00

Cabin: Php1, 540.00

Tourist: Php1, 140.00

Economy: Php780.00

Schedules and Ticket Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

For more information on Trip Schedules, ticket rates and bookings please call George and Peter Lines with the below numbers provided.

George and Peter Lines Ticketing Contact Numbers

Cebu Ticketing Office

Pier 2, GP Bldg., Arellano Blvd. Corner V. Gullas Ext., Cebu City

Freight Department: (032) 254-5405

Ticketing Department: (032) 254-1554

Dipolog Ticketing Office: (065) 212- 2664

Dumaguete Ticketing Office: (035) 225-2345

Pulauan Ticketing Office: +63 909 690 7858

You can also book your ticket online at

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